video and sound

video, sound and performance info

Single channel videos – produced and directed


what happens when you fall, 05.00, HD. A contemplation of falling as a metaphor for death. Component of meeting the ground installation.

going over2016. 25:00 HD silent projection, meeting the ground installation.

falling research2016. 20:00 HD projection loop with surround sound, a component of   meeting the ground installation.

firefall2015. 02:06.  The falling project

get up,  2013.  01:43.  The falling project 

regrowth, 2007. 01:30  DVD. A very short ecological history of the Comox Valley 

ancestral intersections2006. 01:20 DVD.A stop frame animation of sculptural elements.    Screened at the One Minute Film Festival, Toronto, 2005.


owning the slave, 2006.  32:00  DVD.  A black man from Arkansas moves to a white town in BC to escape racism and find himself. Screened in festivals across Canada.


who’s coming2003, 06:00  VHS.  A visual expression of the rhythm of one man’s life, spanning almost a century, this video builds in complexity, proceeding to the subject’s peaceful death.


catching the hum2003, 03:00  VHS.  This experimental video probes our age-old yearning for self-expression. 

 endangered species2003, 02:36  VHS.  Selected for screening at the International Festival of Film on Art in Montreal, in March, 2003.  An earlier version was screened in December 2002 as part of PLAY: MUESTRA INTERNACIONAL DE VIDEOARTE at the Museo de Arte “Angel Maria de Rosa”, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


thirst2003, 01:30  VHS.  Using drawings, video footage and original music, this short piece makes a simple but profound statement. Awarded an Honourable Mention in Art and Design in Public Places Program, Edmonton, Alberta 


my father goes to sea, 2001, 26:00  VHS.  While a daughter comes to terms with the family history, her father is packing up his thoughts and memories for the last time, preparing for his death. Screened at the Prenelle Gallery Film Festival in July, 2002 in London England. Moving Images Distribution Society, Vancouver, BC


out of place, 2001, 12:00  VHS.  Based on the video footage which was the focal point of my site specific installation dwelling at room under the stairs gallery in Montreal in 1999, this video documents eight participants’ responses to the concept of dwelling, which are juxtaposed with the artist’s inner process. Video Out Distribution, Vancouver, BC 


I hate housework1999, 08:00  VHS.  This comic self-portrait is performed, filmed and edited by the artist. Video Out Distribution, Vancouver, BC


badtime story, 1993, 27:00  VHS.  Eight women artists healing from childhood sexual abuse tell of their experiences in one interwoven story set against images of their artwork. Co-produced and co-directed with Arlene Mason. Moving Images Distribution Society, Vancouver, BC.



Sound Scores for Dance 


constantly changing rules – choreographer Helen Walkley, 2004. 16:00. Soundscape in collaboration with Helen Walkley.


migration – choreographer Helen Walkley, 2005.  15:00. Soundscape for dancer Robbyn Scott




We rise we fall  2016. 20:00 collaborative movement piece with soundscore, component of meeting the ground installation.